Simple Past Lesson Plan Using the Communicative Approach

120-houradvancedSimple past ESL lesson plan by Robert Huth – TESOL Certificate graduate

Level of students: High Beginner
Total class time: 90 min.

·         To introduce new vocabulary about leisure activities
·         To introduce the past simple with its function to talk about the past (comparing it to the present simple and present progressive)
·         To introduce the affirmative and negative form of the past simple and the forms of regular and irregular verbs
·         To review adverbials of time concerning weekdays (on Monday, on Saturday, on the weekend), here used with the past tense.
·         To practice the pronunciation of the “-ed” ending in the past simple and the stress of the personal pronoun when using the same question to talk about another person
·         To provide Ss with controlled and semi-controlled practice in speaking, listening and freer practice in writing in the context of reporting about past events using the past simple

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