TESOL Lesson Plan: Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Related to Jobs

Listening TESOL lesson plan on jobs

Level of the students: Intermediate +

Type of lesson: Listening comprehension

Aims: To provide students with listening practice for the gist (skimming) and
details (scanning).
To present and give practice with vocabulary related to jobs.
To present vocabulary that is essential for understanding the task.
To integrate listening into speaking and writing skills.
To provide students with practice in summarizing and retelling.

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TESOL: Vocabulary and Listening Comprehension Lesson Plan

P-P-P TESOL Lesson Plan Using Authentic Material

TESOL lesson plan for vocabulary and listening skillsThis TESOL lesson plan was written by Sheila D.

Type of lesson: Vocabulary and Listening skills using authentic material
Level: Intermediate
Time: 90 minutes

Aims: To develop and improve skim and scan listening skills; to develop Ss speaking skills by discussing topics in the news, in this case, the history of tea drinking in the UK; to review reported speech;

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TESOL Lesson Plan: Using a Song to Teach Integrated Skills

This Intermediate+ lesson plan uses the song Puff the Magic Dragon to teach integrated skills

TESOL lesson plan by OnTESOL graduate-

TESOL lesson plan integrated skills with songsType of lesson: Listening lesson that integrates speaking, reading and writing skills using the song Puff the Magic Dragon

Level: Intermediate+

Aims: Using a song to develop skim and scan listening skills
To review and teach related vocabulary as well as its pronunciation
To integrate speaking, reading and writing skills into the activity
To provide students with practice summarizing and retelling
To provide students with practice identifying and analyzing the meaning of a story

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