TESOL Lesson Plan: Using The Movie Spanglish To Teach Integrated Skills

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ESL lesson plan using a movie Type of lesson: Listening integrating speaking and writing (Movie: Spanglish) by Janine.

Level: Intermediate +

To practice listening for details (scanning)
To introduce vocabulary that is essential for understanding the listening tasks
To allow students to practice the skill of writing in reported speech
To encourage discussion and class debate
To practice writing skills

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TESOL Lesson Plan: Using Audio to Teach Integrated Skills

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TESOL lesson plan integrated skillsLesson type: Listening comprehension integrating vocabulary, speaking and writing skills.

Level of the students: High intermediate

To provide students with practice in developing their skim and scan listening skills.
To review and present vocabulary essential for understanding the article as well as to provide practice in use and pronunciation thereof.
To integrate listening into writing and speaking skills and provide practice in summarizing.

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TESOL Lesson: Perfect Modals – Using a Song To Review Grammar

Teaching Grammar with Music – Free TESOL Lesson Plan!

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Grammar TESOL lesson plan - Modals lesson planType of lesson: Listening comprehension using a song to review a grammar topic.

To review the use of perfect modals (must have + past participle) to speculate about past events, i.e., guess what happened.
To practice pronunciation of past participles and simple past regular verbs (-ed) /t/ or /d/ and the weak forms of ´must´ and ´have´.
To integrate listening comprehension to speaking, reading and writing skills.

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TESOL Speaking Lesson on Socializing (Using ESA)

Free TESOL lesson plan using ESA.

TESOL lesson plan on socializingLevel: Upper-intermediate (multilingual class)
Time: 55 minutes approx.
Assumptions: Students are familiar with the topic of informal and formal introductions, questions tags, making offers, and keeping a conversation going on varied topics such as likes and dislikes, jobs and occupations, music, travel and hobbies. They are also familiar and fluent with all tenses.
Material/aids: Handouts with activities and cue cards for role-playing

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