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TESOL: Speaking and Vocabulary Lesson Plan Using ESA Format 

By Esra Merdimeydan – 250-hour TESOL Diploma graduate Level: Low Intermediate to Intermediate (Mixed abilities) Time: 100 min Type of Lesson: Speaking and Vocabulary: Describing people physical appearance and personality. Lesson Aims: – To develop speaking skills by discussing the topic of describing physical appearance and characteristic traits of someone they know. – Introduce and […]

Lesson Plan : OnTESOL Reviews How to Teach Pronunciation

Pronunciation Lesson Plan: Consonant sound /dʒ/ By Ashleigh R. – 250-hour TESOL Diploma graduate Get TESOL / TEFL certified online! Level: Low intermediate and above Duration: Approx. 60 minutes Lesson aims: Introduce the articulation of the affricate post alveolar voiced sound /dʒ/ through context. Provide controlled, semi-controlled and freer practice through drilling and communicative activities. Free TESOL training: […]

Business English Lesson plan- Giving a Presentation (ESA Framework)

Level of the class: High Intermediate Type of Lesson: Integrated skills (Listening integrated to speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary using authentic material. Theme: giving presentations) Aims: To identify the characteristics of a good and bad presentation To introduce vocabulary related to presentations To review sentence stress and intonation patterns for effective presentations. Outcome: By the end […]

Present Progressive Lesson Plan Using Authentic Material

This TESOL lesson plan uses a newspaper article to discuss current events and teach the Present Progressive -Learn to create professional lesson plans with a TESOL certification course by OnTESOL!- Level: Low Intermediate and above Lesson Aims: –   To review the use and structure of the Present Continuous / Progressive Tense through reading comprehension using […]