TESOL Lesson Plan: Listening Comprehension and Vocabulary Related to Jobs

Listening TESOL lesson plan on jobs

Level of the students: Intermediate +

Type of lesson: Listening comprehension

Aims: To provide students with listening practice for the gist (skimming) and
details (scanning).
To present and give practice with vocabulary related to jobs.
To present vocabulary that is essential for understanding the task.
To integrate listening into speaking and writing skills.
To provide students with practice in summarizing and retelling.

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Time: Approx 90 minutes

Assumptions: Ss have experience with listening comprehension activities and writing paragraphs. They are familiar with skim and scan-listening. Ss are familiar with the vocabulary used in the first speaking activity: résumé, some vocabulary related to jobs.

Anticipated problems: Ss may find it difficult to understand the recording. Play it as many times as needed for them to complete their tasks. Ss may not be able to match the words to the definitions. Explain the words that they do not know or have other students to explain them to their peers.

Aids: Recording of dialogue “Smart Jobhunter”; handouts with listening tasks

The script : “Smart Jobhunter”
The students will listen to the following conversation

Host: Welcome to JOBHUNTER. Today we have a special guest, Darcey Saner, a 31-year-old woman from Dover, who has an usual story to tell us. Hi, Darcey and welcome to tonight’s show.

Darcey: Hi, and thank you for inviting me to your show.

Host: Darcey, how did you come up with the idea of advertising your resume on a billboard?

Darcey: Well, I wanted a big job so I put up a billboard. And it worked! I‘ve got my dream job!

Host: Yes, but isn’t it something unusual? Why didn’t you do what all people do, er … sending their résumé?

Darcey: Let me tell you. I made a decent living as a marketing director, but I had bigger dreams. You know, some folks earn $100,000 a year. Why shouldn’t I? I had been a waitress, bookkeeper and housecleaner. And
with every job, I’d learned the business inside-out. I’d even taken night classes and received a degree in marketing. I know I could handle a top position! Then one day, noticing the billboards along Santa Fe Drive, I had an inspiration. To get a big job, I needed big advertising. So I thought “Why not a billboard?”.

Host: So, what did you do then? Wasn’t it expensive?

Darcey: Very! $8,500 for 33 days. But if I landed, I would make all that money back, I thought. So I took an advance on my credit card and rented a giant purple billboard with my photo. I phrased it simply: “Hire the best. $100 K minimum. Benefits, perks and incentives employs me.” To tell you the truth, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I got more than 300 responses. Everyone from construction companies to medical companies called.

Host: I guess that they felt that anyone with such an original idea would make a great employee.

Darcey: I was sure that something great would happen. So, one morning, the best offer came from a firm that sells telecommunications systems. Not only did they offer me more than my requested salary, but a bonus that covered the cost of the billboard!

Host: Amazing! (Music) Darcey, that music is telling me we have a commercial now. We will come back in a few minutes. Some members of our audience have questions for you. (Host looks to the camera…) Stay with us, do not miss the world of job hunters and their incredible, encouraging stories, We’ll be back…..

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Aim: Speaking skill: Create interest in the topic of jobs using the personalization technique. Pre-teach vocabulary through a matching activity
Interactive patterns: T-S – SS
Time: 30 minutes
Aids: Handout with matching exercise.

Step 1- Speaking skill – Discussion
Teacher asks:
– What do you do for a living?
– What was the best job you’ve ever had?
– What was the worst job you’ve ever had?
– How did you get your current job?
– Have you ever written a résumé?
– Describe your résumé. What did you include on your résumé?

Step 2- Pre-teaching and reviewing Vocabulary

Students work in pairs matching the new vocabulary words with the meanings on the side. (The definitions will be mixed up). After, discuss it as a class to make sure that everyone understands the meaning of each word)

billboard …… large sign on the side of the road
marketing …… selling or promoting a product
business …… a money-making organization
inside-out …… thoroughly or completely
advertising …… trying to sell something by making it seem appealing
landed …… succeed in doing something
employee …… a worker
firm …… a commercial partnership
salary …… the wage, or amount paid for each worker
bonus …… an extra amount of money given to a worker
top position …… the highest or best position in a company
benefits …… extra services given to workers
incentives …… rewards that encourage people to work hard
perk …… a benefit offered to employees of certain jobs
telecommunications ….. technology of communication at a distance using electronic means

Step 3- Feedback: Eliciting vocabulary – Checking comprehension
Facilitate a discussion using these new terms by asking the students questions. Have them respond in full sentences using the new vocabulary words.

– Does your work have any incentives?
– Do you work for a company or have you ever worked for a company?
– If you could pick any perk for your job to have, what would it be?
– What do you think the most important benefit for a company to offer to workers would be?
– Describe the last billboard you saw.
– Have you ever learned something inside-out? What was it?
– Do you remember the first salary you ever earned? What were you doing?
– Do you or anyone you know own a small business? What is it?
– How did they advertise their business?
– What is the biggest company you are aware of?
– What is one goal that you have landed in the past?


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Aim: Skim and Scan listening comprehension
Interactive patterns: S (individual); SS (pair work)
Time: Approx. 30 minutes
Aids: Handouts with listening tasks.


Step 1- Listen for the gist (skimming) – Answer questions

T: “Listen and find out …
• where the conversation takes place;
• how many people are talking;
• what they are talking about.”

Play the tape again if the students did not get the answers or if they are doubtful

• It is on a TV show.
• There are two people talking (the host and the guest: Darcy).
• They are talking about how Darcy got hired for a great new job.

Step 2- Listen for details (scanning) – Technique – True/False statements

Say whether the following statements are true or false:

a- She got her wonderful job by using a billboard to post her résumé.
b- She used to be a secretary.
c- She received 200 replies with the billboard ad.

Play the tape again if the students did not get the answers or if they are doubtful
To elicit answers from students, pair them up for them to check their answers.

Answers: a- True b- False (a marketing job) c- False (300 replies)

Step 3- Listen for details – Listening to check for mistakes

Present the students with sentences from the text with wrong information. Students must listen to the dialogue and decipher which words are not consistent. They should underline all words that are not in the dialogue that they hear. They should also write in the correct word, based on what they hear.

Example sentences to hand out are given below, with the wrong words underlined.

1- I made a poor living as a marketing director but I had bigger dreams.
2- I’d even taken night classes and received a degree in management.
3- I had been a waitress, housekeeper and housecleaner.
4- So I took an advance on my credit card and rented a giant blue billboard with my photo.
5- The billboard was very expensive. It was $ 8,550 for 33 fays
6- But I got more than 300 responses. Everyone from accounting companies to medical companies called.
7- I guess that they felt that anyone with such a ridiculous idea would make a great employee


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Aim: Speaking and writing skills. Summarize the story
Interactive pattern: S (individual); SS (Pair work) or SSS (group work)
Time: Approx. 30 minutes
Aids: none


Step 1-Speaking and writing skill – Summarizing and reporting

Have the students summarize the story of the job hunter as if they are describing the story to someone else. Include as many details as possible. Students should write their responses and share them with a partner. Compare the stories. See what details their partner remembered that they didn’t. Add detail to the responses if necessary.

Step 2- Speaking skill: Personalization

Have the students tell their own stories of job hunting. Tell about their most interesting job hunting experience. Give the students some time to discuss; then take volunteers for presenting stories to the class.

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