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TESOL Lesson Plan Vocabulary (Similes)

OnTESOL – Introductory & advanced TESOL courses. Recognized by TESL Canada and ACTDEC UK. Type of lesson: Vocabulary – Similes (through reading comprehension) Level: Intermediate + Aims: Presenting figures of speech (similes) in context; guessing the meaning of the similes in context; reading for the main idea (skimming); reading for specific information (scanning) Free TESOL […]

Listening, Speaking, Grammar & Vocabulary Lesson Plan: Apartment Hunting

Communicative Approach TESOL Lesson Plan  Learn to use the Communicative Approach with an accredited TESOL certificate! Level: Low intermediate Aims: To practice listening and speaking skills in the context of apartment hunting; to review the use of contrasting adjectives: big-small, cheap-expensive, high-low, old-new, beautiful-ugly, plain-fancy, near-far; to review vocabulary related to different kinds of furniture, […]

TESOL Lesson Plan: Integrated Skills

TESOL Lesson Plan Using the Communicative Approach OnTESOL: Online TESOL courses starting at $295 Type of lesson: Reading comprehension- Integrating speaking and writing skills. Level: Low intermediate Aims: To develop skim and scan reading skills. To practice telling and writing stories from personal experiences. To practice figuring out the part-of-speech and explaining vocabulary. To practice […]

Lesson Plan for Beginners: Ordering a Meal

Vocabulary and Speaking Lesson Plan for Beginners   Level: Beginner Aims: To review vocabulary related to food; to practice ordering food from a menu in a restaurant; Structure: Would you like…? I’d like…..I’ll have… Time: Approx. 60 minutes Assumptions: Students are familiar with basic food vocabulary, the target structures in this lesson, and can use […]

Lesson Plan Using a Movie (The King’s Speech)

Authentic Material Lesson Plan Using a Movie Video: “The King’s Speech” Level: High-Intermediate Aims: To teach descriptive adjectives (haughty, nervous, impatient, magnificent, fancy, elegant, poised, frantic); to practice predicting; to practice imagining and guessing; presentation of new language (see vocab list below); listening comprehension; note-taking skills Free TESOL training: 7 Activities for Teaching English with […]