TESOL Lesson: Perfect Modals – Using a Song To Review Grammar

Teaching Grammar with Music – Free TESOL Lesson Plan!

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Grammar TESOL lesson plan - Modals lesson planType of lesson: Listening comprehension using a song to review a grammar topic.

To review the use of perfect modals (must have + past participle) to speculate about past events, i.e., guess what happened.
To practice pronunciation of past participles and simple past regular verbs (-ed) /t/ or /d/ and the weak forms of ´must´ and ´have´.
To integrate listening comprehension to speaking, reading and writing skills.

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TESOL Lesson Plan Vocabulary (Similes)

TESOL lesson plan teaching vocabularyOnTESOL – Introductory & advanced TESOL courses.
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Type of lesson: Vocabulary – Similes (through reading comprehension)
Level: Intermediate +

Aims: Presenting figures of speech (similes) in context; guessing the meaning of the similes in context; reading for the main idea (skimming); reading for specific information (scanning)

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Listening, Speaking, Grammar & Vocabulary Lesson Plan: Apartment Hunting

Communicative Approach TESOL Lesson Plan

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TESOL lesson plan: apartment huntingLevel: Low intermediate
Aims: To practice listening and speaking skills in the context of apartment hunting; to review the use of contrasting adjectives: big-small, cheap-expensive, high-low, old-new, beautiful-ugly, plain-fancy, near-far; to review vocabulary related to different kinds of furniture, appliances, rooms in the home.

Time: Approx. 80-90 minutes
Assumptions: Students are familiar with the above mentioned adjectives and comparisons –er and superlatives –est; students are familiar with some of the vocabulary related to house hunting, buying and renting; students can use present, past and future tenses.
Aids: audio clips, flyers from Real Estate Agencies, magazine ads.

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TESOL Lesson Plan: Using a Song to Teach Integrated Skills

This Intermediate+ lesson plan uses the song Puff the Magic Dragon to teach integrated skills

TESOL lesson plan by OnTESOL graduate-

TESOL lesson plan integrated skills with songsType of lesson: Listening lesson that integrates speaking, reading and writing skills using the song Puff the Magic Dragon

Level: Intermediate+

Aims: Using a song to develop skim and scan listening skills
To review and teach related vocabulary as well as its pronunciation
To integrate speaking, reading and writing skills into the activity
To provide students with practice summarizing and retelling
To provide students with practice identifying and analyzing the meaning of a story

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Lesson Plan Using a Movie (The King’s Speech)

Authentic Material Lesson Plan Using a Movie

ESL lesson plan using a movie Video: “The King’s Speech”
Level: High-Intermediate

Aims: To teach descriptive adjectives (haughty, nervous, impatient, magnificent, fancy, elegant, poised, frantic); to practice predicting; to practice imagining and guessing; presentation of new language (see vocab list below); listening comprehension; note-taking skills

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